Turbo hud is more contagious than covid19

By all accounts and reading on various web pages turbohud rules and is more contagious than covid19. it seems that the advantages make doing group 150’s a done deal.
The bots are bad enough screwing the game and now this cheat returns big time.
I am so looking forward to D4 as many more players are but i fear that if they cannot control this game then it will be a waste of money?
If you watch the streamers videos of record clears you can see that one of their group is using it.
Come on Blizz, support the real customers you have.

nobody cares :stuck_out_tongue:

Lel…i just googled Turbo Hud because i heard it a few times. Now that i know it has a DPS-Meter and many other things that i always wanted in the GUI of D3 i kind of want it xD

But it is illegal to use, right?

It’s an add-on, and the End User License Agreement for Diablo III specifically prohibits the use of add-ons, so using it breaches the EULA which means Blizzard could ban your account for using it.

Ok damn it, than i have to live without it. Sad that blizzard cant integrate a few things at least from this addon into the normal GUI. That would be way cooler than any balance patch they could deliver.

Or tell the devs what to remove from the add-on to give it a green light.

Somehow it feel fine that I do not even know what Turbo Hud is. Well this is what happen when people want to brag and cheat I suppose. As a single player just playing for the fun cheating would be pointless. Never play high rifts either due to being an altoholoc but it is fine for me.

Ahh its not just about bragging. A DPS meter can also be nice to optimize your char.

You can do several runs and do a spreadsheet and note avg-dps and then compare it for example

If it is a dps meter and info dump then it isn’t really a cheat but a feature that could be consolidated into the game. That have happened before for those games that are intended to be modded. WoW have incorperated features for a lot of UI mods over the years.

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dev modder cannot code either. he only recycles old code and content.
the add-on is nothing different than wow add-on. only these coders have a lot of skill and it is much more complex than addons for wow. in wow everyone can develop their own add-ons. here, however, memory must be able to read and display information properly. and who knows what else …
I informed about it myself much too late. should be september 2020. When I saw it the first time on youtube, I thought to myself: “Awesome! That’s a top performance!”.

blizz sausages would have stolen the code long ago if it were wow addon and recycled with own version. but here they have to communicate with the team, buy copyright and maybe pay additional money.
so it will definitely not happen. and the d3 updates speak for themselves. i will also never believe that more than 1 beginner modder adjusts a few numbers every few months for season in d3.
because even a cat does it better.

You complain about turboHUD but not about rosbot, which is way more c >< lmao.