UE Multishot Fire max. GR 116

Can someone look at my DH?
I have fire UE Multishot and cannot finish GR 117?
What can I change to push higher GR’s for ex. 117-120? Change build to physical (don’t want better for me is fire).
My problem is damage. I don’t have problem with dying.

Please look and advise. My record is GR116 only but want to attack higher.

link to my DH: tiny.pl/t22h9

I haven’t been pushing Multishot for some years, but I would probably reroll ms% for cdr on your quiver, and get more cdr elsewhere (for example on rings instead of dex) as Captain Crimson will give dmg from your cdr%. You already have a lot of ms% and dex, so a better balance between the dmg multipliers will benefit you.

Other than that, try to pull many packs together to create density so you can kill more mobs at the same time, but that you probably already know. Good luck!

Maybe SOJ with fire and discipline plus COE instead of f/r

The higher you push, the more you need to consider physical (full broadside) over fire (arsenal) because the break-point for physical being more effective is around 16 mobs. At higher GR levels, you’ll be rounding up large amounts of trash mobs (especially as they don’t die as easily) and then hitting them during your CoE cycle. At GR116, you’re approaching the levels where physical will be better.

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