Update on LoD Poison Scythe Build

Sorry my earlier topic barred me from replying had to create another topic to continue the subject.

Okay so here goes.

I tried to switch gear here and there and test some kind of adjustments.

The Stone Gauntlets are meh to me. Sure they make me buffed up and full of tanky defense but I am dead slow after the stacks are at four and five. And I walk like a zombie. I gave up on those gloves and switched to Tasker and Theo because of its critical damage bonuses, not because of the pets speed mind you I use no pets. To make myself less prone for death just in case I switched Eternal Torment for Final Service. For some reason my Sims still use it if I am about to die. Odd but still useful.

I have tried Bane of the Stricken and you are quite right. It does help with Guardians but the time taken for me to clear rifts is now doubled. I was able to clear GR100 in under three minutes. Now it takes me seven or even eight minutes. I push GR mostly for XP farming. So the faster the better. I always play in solo. So I decided to nrf my Bane of the Trapped with my old Kribsin’s Sentence Control Imparing Effect and oh yeah, it does work! The damage is a little bit better now. Even against guardians.

Now, concerning my follower, I always use that Templar instead of the Enchantress and he’s incredible. I got him Windseeker, Unity, Ess of Johan and Focus. But I wondered something. Aren’t Templars actually powered by Strength Stats instead of Intelligence? If that is the case, shouldn’t I create a Barbarian or a Crusader, and cube the Templar’s gear using Reforge Legendary so that it rerolls for Strength? What do you suggest?

To come back to the build itself… speed to me is now a must. I can farm fast on Torment XVI for any mats, solo and group alike cause I never die on Torment XVI and the speed from Steuard’s Greaves coupled with Blood Rush is amazingly useful. When using that in GR coupled with the Nemesis Bracers, I can clear the Rifts in less than three minutes easy. It’s amazing for farming everything. In any case, I have modified my build for a versatile use, as you can see.

So here is my question, do you suggest Strength rerolls for my Templar?

That’s why you’re supposed to also use the Ice Climber boots, because they make you immune to the slowing effects of the Stone Gauntlets. This means you get the benefits of the gloves stacking armour without the detrimental effects.

The main stat on follower gear is essentially irrelevant, as their damage is tiny. They’re used for their buff effects, not their damage. The Templar is used for its healing and increased resource generation. The Enchantress is used for her 3% attack speed buff, as it can mean you get to a new attack speed breakpoint. The Scoundrel just isn’t used.

The only time you don’t use ice climbers is when you are pushing with a group. The support will grant you immunity to the debuff. I believe some other big buffs like vengeance for dh or epiphany for monk can negate the stone gauntlets debuff but as a solo necro you have to pair them with ice climbers.

For the follower the most important thing is to have him/her wear the occulus ring which spawns circles on the floor and if you stand on them you get significantly increased damage. For the Templar specifically, I use eun-jang-do as a weapon and the freeze of deflection as a shield. Some useful rolls are attack speed and block chance respectively, for better crowd control. The ess of Johan is a useful amulet too. It offers some additional crowd control for additional area damage procs.