Vyr's Set Dungeon impossible to master without Swami?

I more or less surfed through the other three Set Dungeons for the Wizard without breaking a sweat, but this one’s just… impossible. I can do both of the Objectives easily enough, but the LAST requirement is the sticking point: Kill every enemy on the map within the time-limit. EVERY. ENEMY. Very standard, except in THIS case, 99% of the enemies are Fallen who scatter like spooked pigeons when they see you coming, and the map is the huge and incredibly complex Prison Level. And you’re stuck with Vyr’s set, which means you can do bugger-all whenever your Archon’s on cooldown. Even with the usual, recommended set - Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac+Hergbrash+Disintegration - it takes a fair while to get back into Archon, and in the meantime, killing even the basic Fallen takes several seconds no matter HOW I pick my passives.

The only thing I can think of is The Swami. That would probably solve the issue quite neatly, I just… y’know… don’t have it. And I also don’t have the shoes for the Vyr-set, which means I can’t drop the helmet without losing the set-bonus. And using the Cube for that means losing either Hergbrash OR Fabula’s Improbable Chain, since all three are considered Armor.

Honestly, it seems rather… unreasonable. You need the set to access the dungeon, fair enough, I’ll even give them a pass on needing the FULL set just to have the flexibility to pick what part to leave behind. But you also need Chantodo’s Set in order to have a chance at killing the enemies fast enough while Archon. If you ALSO need the Swami in order to stand a chance, the number of highly specific items you need for that dungeon just gets silly.

Or IS there a way to tackle that final requirement without the Swami? Anyone done it? Any advice? I’m using Wormhole Teleport to skip around while non-Archon, and a combination of Wicked Wind Twister w/ Ranslor’s Folly to gather up mooks and Intensify Disintegrate to ever-so-slowly chew through them while accelerating Archon’s recharge…

(Also, is Tal Rasha seriously the ONLY decent set for Wizards? Firebird is too slow since you have to hit each individual enemy with 3 different attacks before you do any actual damage, and even then, your DoT is sub-par versus regular mobs. Magnum Opus is potent, particularly defensively, but limits you to a narrow range of attacks which really hurts your flexibility. And now Vyr… which turns you into an absolute juggernaut for a couple of minutes at a time, while being a pathetic, helpless infant during the cooldown, which is liable to get you killed no matter HOW you try to accelerate it. Meanwhile, Tal Rasha just lets you juggle any set of four different elemental attacks, giving you plenty of options, and huge damage-output on the run… no contest.)

Did you know that you don’t have to solo the set dungeons? Take another player with you. They don’t need to be wearing the set armour. Heck, they don’t even have to be the same class. You do the set-specific tasks and then you and your buddy bash the mobs for the “kill everything” task. You’ll have mastery with no problems.

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That… makes sense. Actually, no, it makes no sense whatsoever that the game ALLOWS you to do that, hence why it hadn’t occurred to me, but it could certainly make that final goal a lot easier. Now if only I had anyone to play alongside… sigh Alas, most people abandoned this game a long time ago. Heck, so did I! I just felt like getting back into it all of a sudden, and discovered that it was even more addictive than I remembered. Ah well, it’s a thought!