Want some help with my build

So i wanted to play some wizard since i tried every char, and im wondering why it doesnt do any dmg. Im new to the game so i dont really know any meta. I will accept every possible help with build or some tips.

The answer is easy, your are missing set pieces or if you really would like to do without, the gem or ring, what gives non set players more damage and defense.
When you are ingame press shift L and there you have list of rankings, but not to see how good others are, it is meant to show you, what items will work together with skills exspecially for the use with those items. The list for solo player is showing you every set there is and skills, horadric cube and gems to use.
I would also say, it is good idea to look some videos about mage builds. Without those exact combinations of green items and Effects from legendaries there is no real dmg.
Like playing on hard or profi difficulty and then put on a set and you play torment 12-16.

There is a lot to know and without this knowledge, there is no damage. HF

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How do you mean: new to the game and tried all other characters?

Your Wizard…

…doesn’t have any set bonuses in effect, and isn’t using the Legacy of Nightmares (ring set) or Legacy of Dreams (legendary gem), so is missing the huge damage multipliers they would grant. For example builds, using either set armours, or LoD (where no set items are used), take a look at Maxroll…

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