Want to play S27 in a diffferent way? Look here!

Greetings D3 Gamers!

I have a concept idea for S27 HC and I call it, Diablo 3: Origins. Players who likes a challenge and who likes to be creative will love it! So, what is it?

The idea is to play the game like it used to be played back in those inferno days. For a set duration we will play without using any class set items , no Legacy of Dreams or Legacy of Nightmares. I believe something like 5-10~ days would be a good amount of time.

Why should I play this way?
This way of playing will cause you to be creative while progressing your character, creative in your builds and come up with solutions to problems you didn’t know existed. What Torment will we be able to reach? What will be the highest GR? Also, the more players we are, the more fun it will be!

Tell me what you think below! I personally can’t wait to play the game in this way!


  • You can still save dropped set items in your stash
  • You cannot be exp or gear boosted by people using sets in any game mode/game activity.
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sounds fun! it actually reminds me of the times growing up me and my siblings used to make up rules like this for our games, it was a fun thing to do, Have fun with it who knows i might try one day, :smiley:

An idea as old as time! What games did you play and what rules did you have?

I played back in those Inferno days. It was many weeks / months between legendary drops. So, playing like that for 5-10 days would effectively limit you to blue / yellow gear, would be incredibly tedious and you’d be unlikely to get much further than Torment 1. You won’t be doing GRs.

umm hard to remember all the rules but this is going back to n64/ ps one days, but things like racing backwards to extend the play time and explore the tracks and we made up some kind of stunt game with a ramp things like this in wave race/top gear racing, i think tony hawk skateboarding we did something similar. Lol basically just trying to figure out ways to not end a round so we could free play in games that sort of thing

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This was also a concern if mine. However, there are now many different ways of obtaining legendaries that did not exist back then.

You can do bounties, you can upgrade rare items in the cube, you can craft legendary items and we’ve got Kadala. With all these options, legendary gems, the new seasonal power I believe torment 6 will be more than possible!