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That you guys so much for the help. I have been able to reliably run GR 90’s. I have done a few 95’s, although they were tough, and I died several times. Currently, I am running 80’s to level up extra Bane of the Stricken, in anticipation of augments later. This because I saw today the leaderboards, the first time really looking at them, that I could see the characters and the equipment stats. I noticed most of the GoD setups were similar to to mine, and the equipment was in many cases nearly identical except for Caldesann’s augments. Not seeing anyone with augmented Primal’s, these cannot be augmented? Also, how can I look up a particular person to see their equipment, like you guys looked me up?

Caldesann’s Despair can be applied to Ancients and Primal Ancients.

If you click on a poster’s name or avatar in the forums, you’ll get options of View Activity and View Profile. View Activity will show the poster’s post history. View Profile will take you to their Armoury pages (which is where you can see their heroes / equipment).

One thing to be aware of though is that the armoury URL the forums will take you to depends on which region’s forums you initiate the link from. As you’re posting on the EU forums, clicking on your avatar would take us to…
However, as your heroes are on the US region servers, to see them you’d need to change the EU in the URL to US, as follows…

Again, as you’re playing on the US servers, could I suggest you post on the US Demon Hunter forum…

…as there’s way more posting activity over there, and most of them will be in similar time-zones to you, so you’ll get more timely responses to your questions.

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I see how to do that now and will, thank you!

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