WD Stuck at GR 121, any tips?

Hi All,
I am trying to push my Mundu Spirit Barrage WD THRESH through GRs, but seem to be stuck at GR 121 (main issue is killing elites & rift guardian fast enough)… could someone check my toon & share some well received advice on what to improve on my gear? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I would say, don’t use manitou for high GR instead you need to stand still and channel, also to utilize traveler’s set. Using traveller’s only for DR your better of using unity and a good neck squeeze in another skill from crafted neck or even squirts for 100% permanent increase.

I think you also need to try and find better off-hand yout missing almost 25% there.
Either use str/dex gems or int gems in chest/pants.

And gogok is mostly useless since manitou or locust don’t trigger stacks.

Your not running HC chracter so remove spirit vessel for something else.