What can i do better?

The title is my question for my character with the name Serenthia , highest GR i can do is 31 , maybe you guys can help ?
Thanks in advance from Serenthia .

Haven’t played crusader so I cannot give specific advise, but…

  1. Swap ruby for emerald in weapon.
  2. Use bane of the trapped and Bane of the stricken instead of boon of the hoarder and simplicities strength.
  3. Swap illusionary boots for another item (your weapon set should allow steed charge to be available most of the time and it provides the same benefit. I may be wrong, but seems like a good assumption)
  4. Your set gives good bonuses to heavens fury, but I didn’t see it in your skill list. are you using it? (again could be wrong, but seems like good assumption to have it.)
  5. the blunt passive doesn’t appear to be used with the current build.
  6. you could cube royal ring and replace a piece of 6 set with a piece of demons set to get full bonuses of both.
  7. Your damage is low, reroll some item affixes to have either crit chance or crit damage bonuses instead of element resist or random skill boost.

Hope this helps

Thank you for helping i did a couple changes like you told me , i have to get more crit someway , but i did a GR40 yesterday that’s a lot better.
I hope i get more suggestions it looks like there aren’t much Crusader ?? Or they all know how to play them and don’t read this forums lol but okay .
To answer your question the set doesn’t only give good bonusses too heavens fury , its the same as to fist of heavens and that’s what i use.
I made a video of the GR40 i will place the link here then you can see how i play when you want too.

hmm… I’ve got a few things to say but…

  1. you cleared the rift in 6 minutes
  2. you basically one shot the Rift Boss
  3. you didn’t die

I would recommend looking at what torment GR40 is and going to the next one and doing a solo rift. if you can clear it quickly and without dying, try the next torment and so on (not recommended for hardcore). This lets you choose higher level GR’s related to the torment you clear and so rise faster, also higher GR’s are more rewarding in terms of XP, legendaries and Gem levels.

now a few other pointers… please note, I haven’t cleared a GR 100 solo yet, so I’m not an uber pro player, but these are things I saw that you can… correct(?)… as it were.

  1. GR’s are quite linear, they are designed this way, as such try to cut out back tracking. in the vid, you seem to run towards areas you’ve cleared a few times, try to aim for the bulk of the monsters and use move skills if you cannot to find them faster.
  2. you only used the steed once in the GR, I don’t know if you can use right click with it on, but if you can, try to keep steed on for as long as possible or at least use it when your not killing enemies to move towards new enemies faster.

Thank you again for the help but i cant play for the third day now , that means i can not try to ride and right click at the same time , but i think it is not possible .

In most cases you need to recongize in each build what is your damage skill and element… In your case Heavens fury with holy damage is your way to go. Alternatively you could do a speed build which is easier to play but a little weaker. In that case Fists of Heaven with lightning damage. Stuff like condemm damage on your shoulders are not really significant. Usually, offhand weapons (shields), helmets, boots and in some other cases shoulders and torso are the way to buff your main damage skill. As for elemental buffs, it usually rolls on amulets and bracers.

As for the jewelry pieces : flavor of time for amulet (although it will take some time to find a decent one) , ring of royal grandeur, convention of elements and obsidian ring of the zodiac. Or you could go with the Travelers Pledge, Compass rose combo (set of green amulet and ring). Most of the time you want your ring pieces to roll with crit chance, crit damage, and the amulet with holy,lightning, fire (or whatever your element is) deals 20% more damage, crit and some cooldown reduction is always nice.

Assuming that you aim to play the Fists of Heaven version , you can find damage multipliers in your helmet and boots. Try to reroll these pieces.

Finally, regarding your spells and passives. You have righteousness two times. Both as a passive and from a hellfire amulet. It doesn’t count twice. You are just wasting a passive this way. “Finery” is also a must have passive on crusaders. Pick also long arm of the law to make your life easier. My passives would be something like this : ( Finery, Long arm of the law, Hold your ground, and Heavenly Strength). The best rune for Akharat Champion is Prophet undeniably and i would go with Laws of Valor ->Unstoppable force. FIsts of the Heavens (your only spell that will deal damage at a certain point in the game ) should have Fissure rune. And lastly disregard your slash and pick provoke -> hit me for more toughness.

If you want a more detailed guide visit icy-veins. There are guides for both the Heavens fury and Fists of Heaven builds.