What I dont like in D4 and why they should make D2 remaster instead

Diablo II remaster will beat Diablo IV on sales, because people are disappointment from D3, total fail and management of patches they made it and put the game in worse place!

Diablo IV trailer was AMAZING JOB! but when I saw D4 beta or alpha version idk how to named. I was “here we go again” total disgusting like D3, same mechanic, same core. I just don’t like it, it is so similar to Diablo 3!

What people… What I don’t like in Diablo 3, trade - economic system is dead, AH is… haha… And why they make so many different difficulty(same an idea devs put in WoW ratail… why you put same an idea in different game i can’t understand).
I totally understand you(Blizzard) have casual and hardcore people and you want keep both type of players. Guess what, you gone lose hardcore player with this stupidity. Maybe casual player type is better for wallet… idk

In Diablo 4 gameplay videos:
I don’t like this type of interface I feel it like Console type.
I don’t like hotkeys 123456 left-click right-clock, I mean same version of using ability… same gameplay like Diablo III
I don’t like camera’s angle
I don’t like animation style (but this I can swallowed)

I don’t know what exactly devs wanna make with Talent tree. But if they wanna make it awesome, make it RICH with a lot choices. Unlimited choices for building(In D2 you have over 100 points), you can make and a lot items with different type of ability stats etc. This mean different tactics and way to play.
Someone said will be Open World idk what you mean, but don’t make it 4pp limit game(console style) in D3 that was AMAZING FAIL.

Don’t ever nerf difficulty in Diablo game!
oh I forget, Paragon leveling was worse thing and don’t forget to make duel system out side of city :wink:

ps. If you wanna make something great don’t be lazy!

When you are going to understand, that we are not living in 1999 ? If you like Diablo 2, stop moaning on all forums how bad Diablo 3 is, and just play Diablo 2 ?
No company will make a new game after 10 or so years and the game be very similar to the previous one. This will be a huge mistake and sales will be bad.
Diablo 3 is top 3 best selling game ever. Stop saying it was bad, it was not.
Its a great game and with a few exception is better game than Diablo 2.