What's the point of Diablo IV?


no he is not
you are


I must be getting paid by NASA.:nerd_face:
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ARE YOU FOR REAL? You can’t have opinions on OBJECTIVE, BINARY MATTERS. Earth either is or isn’t something, you can’t have an opinion on what it is.


Your reaction ably demonstrates that you think the people who think the Earth is flat hold an inferior opinion to the people that think it’s a globe.

I used it as an example precisely because one of the opinions is clearly worse than the other. Your reaction proved the point, i.e. you think that’s a bad opinion.

Oh, and if you really think no-one believes it’s flat…

No amount of science / evidence can get through this level of denial.


You can’t have an opinion on whether the earth is flat or not. It doesn’t matter whether it’s flat, a cube, a sphere, a globe or anything else. IT IS WHAT IT IS and therefore there’s no room for opinions.

I can have an opinion on what game Blizzard should make next. I can have a favorite franchise, my preference. I can’t however have an opinion on whether an apple is an apple or whether it’s in fact an orange because an APPLE IS AN APPLE.

Someone being wrong just means they’re wrong, it doesn’t mean they had an opinion but people often try to use “it’s just my opinion” as a shield.

  • so u can drool over Lilith’s body
  • diablo IV looks good
  • i think the chinese have enough $$$ to buy all major game developers


We all take for for granted today that the earth is a globe, right? Just remember back in the dark ages, you where executed as a heretic for believing that the earth was not flat. It was the opinion of the authorities that they where completely right and that everyone else was wrong. It was hundreds of years later only that their opinion/belief was proven to be wrong.

It’s all a matter of what you can prove.

So until Diablo IV is proven to be either a good game or a bad one (which can only happen when it is released) we are all entitled to our own opinions.

“It’s just my opinion” is NOT a shield.


I don’t care what it is. People were or weren’t executed because some were stupid, there was no and still is no way for one person to know what anyone else believes. You’d have to be able to read minds.

What they’ve said thus far is BAD. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be bad at launch but it’s a red flag because it means something must be changed.

I said that people often try to use it as a shield. People probably don’t know what an opinion actually is so they’re just doing it unknowingly.


Sure there is. Ask them. They’ll tell you.

Go ahead, ask me if I believe in Unicorns.


That’s not how logic works


“What they’ve said is BAD”.

Listen to yourself : “What they’ve said is BAD”.

What you say is in an of itself your opinion on the matter and can be proven to be neither true nor false. My opinion (and that of others) is that it is not.

So which opinion is the right one?

You may be interested in this:
Cambridge Dictionary definition “Opinion”


OP you need to start to understand that diablo IV will be more of an live service mmo than any previous games, it will be easier, it will be dumbed down, it will be more console focused becouse that’s the nature of live service games where plan is to have steady income from cosmetics so the game gets fresh content all the time.
It won’t be diablo 2 and it won’t be diablo 3. Whenever you like it or not is only up to you.


I would like to see a much more customisable interface in D4, i really dont want to have to play through excessive or even any monster flashing in combat, excessive screen clutter, even fellow players spells could be dimmed down a bit etc, give us more control to play how we like to play, your eyes may thankyou at some point in the future :open_mouth:


For sure D4 graphics MUST change. Blizz must escape from D3 , (story,graphics all etc) and they must create new based game. As the demo shows atmosphere is good, music can be better (D2 had the best Blizzard Norths music tbh) and the pick of the Druid class is success. The best of all was the very perfect made cinematic at the Blizzcons intro. Was awesome. So you better keep this mood up! E.g. you better have DI graphics rather to keep D3 ones. The runes was good add.Also thinkto add Etherial items,ty


Except if you for Mage the Ascension believement that reality is nothing fixed but a formable thing which is now like it is because most people believe, that apples should fall down and not up or fly in the air.


Nah, Diablo 3 is awesome, a ton of people are waiting for the new season and even new people that never played it bought D3 now because of the D4 announce :slight_smile:


Diablo IV gonna be Epic :slight_smile: