Wizard Typhon's Veil Kanai's Cube Question

I was just wondering about which Kanai’s Cube armor power would be better for a Wizard using The Typhons Veil set.

Do I cube “The Magistrate” for 300% increased pets (Hydra) damage, or “Tasker and Theo” for 50% increased pets attack speed?

I have “The Furnace” in the cube weapon slot, and “Ring of Royal Grandeur” in the jewelry slot.

According to…


…you equip the Magistrate, and cube Tasker and Theo, with the Cube’s jewellery slot being the Ring of Royal Grandeur so wearing the Magistrate doesn’t break your six-piece bonus. For weaponry, equip Serpent’s Sparker (to have an extra Hydra) and cube Fragment of Destiny so your signature spells gain stacks of a buff that increases your Hydra damage.