Won Khim Lau still bugged


I thought this was fixed until today. Tree elites still makes you dash to them randomly so you lose all your flurry stacks. Other big elites in the same size should probably also be looked at. I haven’t had any issues with other elites so far.
So “Fixed a bug where Epiphany would trigger teleporting while channeling Tempest Rush (Electric Field) when Won Khim Lau was equipped” is still bugged on tree elites.

Kind regards J

Hello. I was uncertain on how to contact about the issue. (Tempest Rush) + Inner-fire Rune From (Epiphany) is not working, at all. No additional damage, and no mechanic. Also would like to state Wildebeast(Legendary Gem) does not grant more of a shield from Life Per Second, From mantra of healing for monk, or Mystic ally. (if using these skills, you should receive a larger shield bonus for the life per second added to the character).

I simply wanted to make a note of this incase it wasn’t caught in the past. (May have been overlooked, being there’s so much to focus on).
Also, Near Death experience is not proc’ing for my friend, continuously. The skill works when in his Passive’s Skill tree, However it doesn’t seem to ever function as it should coming from the Hellfire amulet.

Thanks!!! Just wanted to inform incase these subjects were overlooked.


in my case I do not see Won Kimh Lau trigger any Cyclon strike when I’m using Tempest Rush … at least I do not see any CS animation and no monsters are being pulled in.
Does CS have to be slotted as an active ability for the WKL proc to work ? But even this does not work for me…

It does not have to be slotted for it to trigger, although if you’re playing Swk you would want to slot it ( and just leave it, never use it ) in order for the correct rune to work.

It will always use the rune on your bar, otherwise it wont use any rune. Not only that but slotting it allows you to see the duration of the soliloquy buff (50% dmg reduction )through a little bar above the actual skill.

I have personally tested it with and without the rune in GR 90s and it seems to be working, at least for me. Are you holding TR down for extended periods ? I know if I quickly press TR and let it go it wont proc it, but if you walk around while channeling TR it definately pulls mobs in with or without it in my slots.

One last thing, certain mob types ( Juggernauts) can’t be CC’d.

I have the same issue, I ca see my defence rise and th CS annimation if I cast it manualy, but when I use TR it never proc… any help ?