Wondering about weapon drops with low damage per second

I was dropped a primal ancient weapon “Bul-Kathos’s Warrior Blood” on my Barbarian, I was very happy since it was my last set item needed for this build. However it’s main weapon damage per second is 493.8, really low compared to my other set Ancient Sword “Bul-Kathos’s Solemn Vow” which dropped with 2390.8 damage per second. It this a bug or am I just really unlucky with the drop? It renders the weapon useless basically.
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If you talk about your barb Vista

You rerolled the damage points on your weapon, so yes, it’s normal.
Never touch the damage points. NEVER.


From the Things That Are NOT Bugs thread…

  1. My Weapon Went from 2000+ DPS to 400
    Go back to the mystic and enchant the +xxxx-xxxx element damage back onto the weapon and NEVER roll this affix off ever again (unless you want to be zdps). The +xxxx-xxxx elemental damage is a main component for the damage of the weapon.

Also, having looked at the weapon on your profile, despite the weapon being primal, in all other aspects other than the weapon damage range, it’s awful. Two of the attributes are Life Per Fury Spent and Reduce Resource Costs, both of which aren’t really useful to the WW/Rend build. A decent ancient with any of 10% damage, 24% AD or 10% CDR would be superior to it.

Compare and contrast with the attributes on my Barb’s weapons…