Wrath of the Wastes set dungeon

There must be a special place in Hell for the designer of this set dungeon.
I’ll never buy any game from Blizzard just due to this dungeon design in order to keep nerves healthy.
I’m trying to master this dungeon for last 2 years from time to time without any success and this dungeon is the last one, which I can’t complete for master achievement.
Could someone provide a walkthrough guide for it or give an advice?

Diablo 3 Complete Barbarian Set Dungeon Guide (Immortal Kings, Raekor, Wastes, Might of the Earth) - YouTube

https://maxroll.gg/resources/set-dungeons#barbarian (Maxroll)

In my case, it made my life a lot easier when i stacked as much dodge chance as i could. I also rolled blind for my weapon. Most of the mobs didn’t hit me and I only needed to be cautious about these wall traps.

tüm set dungeonları yaptım ama barbarian wastesi yapamadım ejderha kanatlkarı iile aramda tek engel malesef her yolu denedim olmuyor ya toplayamıyorum veya damage yiyor…valla tanıdık biirleirni bulsam gir yap diyecem o derece yani:)