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Yo it might help a lot to have Diablo 4 run like Diablo 3 where it run secular from the player’s console so the player can play privately solo and play with just friends like your own would it’ll help with the loading and performance as well you choose public would or private/friends would


Dungeon areas ARE private for you and invited friends in your party.
The open world area is open to all - this is exactly the same as how Path of Exile works and is intended that way.
Running a solo server would exploit the World Boss and Open World events system as you could easily keep respawning them by resetting your servers.


Last PVP zone, update is horrible!

This shit way, stupid update.

The damage is incredibly high from the mobs on PVP areas and the damage I deal to them is pretty low because of the debuff that is in the game, has anyone experienced the same issue?

LVL100 Rugoue 8 Day Game Time

If they did that they would not be able to have a store for you to buy stuff off of, or a battle pass, the previous way of doing things in diablo 3 was broken as it is as it allowed for alot of bugs exploits and cheats perfect example is the switch and the leader board bs which nearly made the game stupid, ya you could ignore the leaderboard but if you do that why even put it in the game, its a prime example of what people that have zero skill will do to make themselves look good at something they utterly suck at, those people should just delete their games but that’s a reply for a different topic. I would as well as you like to see this game with a single player feature made much like diablo 3 was, in truth I got quite a bit of platinum to show my support to blizzard for making the game, a dicision I’m now regretting sadly. All they really have to do is do away with th store all together as well as the battle pass and they could easily make it a single player game as well but they are too greedy for profit to do that, they think they can treat this game like a MMO and its not even close in comparison to one or the income a MMO brings in, though they would make alot more store sales if all their cosmetics didnt absolutely suck! I thought I might add that I am still a fan and probably will be continue to be I’ll also be one of the first people playing as soon as login is available, my comment doesnt mean i want continue to play the game or support bliz, Its just a brief explanation of my feelings and thoughts on the comment and condition of things currently!