Ancestral charge broken after latest update

Ancestral charge only works randomly now. Sometimes the 4 ancients appear, sometimes they don’t. For me, playing charge/HoTA barb, this absolutely ruins the game (with this character…I’m Lv 92 and was about to get my first Lv 100 char)… Please fix this asap! Many thx!


Can confirm this bug. Ancestral charge broken and also affect Powe charge. Doesnt seem to come back for me before zoning out. Ruins all NM pushing and timed events


New patch released but this bug still there. I am very disappointed. I don’t think I will play Diablo iv again for a long time.

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I can also confirm this bug after the latest update, it breaks my entire build and makes my Barb almost impossible to play :cry:

Edit: it seems like there’s some sort of broken interaction between the shouts and the charge because at a certain point when doing the shouts the charge stops working :thinking:

Still bugged. Works for few minutes and then stops. Need to remove the item and add again -then again works for few minutes and stops. When fix? This is annoying gameplay.

yah this needs a fix right away…

Bug still there, after the last patch and I might add that charge itself is also bugged, it doesn’t do damage always, sometimes enemies are just dragged along the charge, with zero damage, with or without ancients.

It’s still bugged. So more than 6 weeks. The only way for me is to exit to town and then go back to make it work. A bit frustrating.

neverending story, haha

Still can confirm charge is bugged with Ancestral charge not working properly. Hope they fix it for season 4…