Any plans to make Hydra playable anytime soon?

When i played the beta i was utterly thrilled that hydra was powerful. I have played typhon’s hydra since the set was released in D3 every season and it’s easily my favorite way to play the game. I hit rank 1 on the leaderboards in the first few days for the set.

This latest effort in this season’s patch has left a weak build in D4 literally unplayable, i’m gutted! Season of blood is a good 8/10 for me in an ARPG season. It’s incredibly obvious that the hydra needs a few supporting epics and the fireball enchantment baseline in the skill to ever be in a playable shape.

There is nothing i can do in the game to make this build playable in it’s current state, it’s struggling in world tier 1 with the hydra unique while leveling… It doesn’t proc xfals so i can’t even use that to carry the build.

You put so much effort into supporting vampire powers for conjurations and reworked hydra’s so this doesn’t appear to have been intentional. Would love to get some sort of offical reply that you guys are working on this or atleast acknowledge it.

At the moment I’m quite fond of the burn Hydra. Its uptime is 100%, 8 heads still doing DPS while I’m on the run regenerating mana and cooldowns. Counts as 16 when channeling Incinerate.

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That sounds like fun! can you run NMD or Vaults lvl 100?

Yes and even better Hydra is one spell so it leaves you with 5 options for variation of your build. Hydra is the master of off-screen kills and around-the-corner pulls.

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do you have a base build planner to share where I could take a peak? Thanks!

I’ve been looking for a way to link my profile, but I can’t find it.

Hydra, 4 heads, burn, +1 hydra on equipment
Incinerate, +60% to +80% burning on my staff.
Flame shield
Fire snake

Frozen Orb, +2 pulses on equipment
Fire Ball

I’m not concluded on paragon boards. I went with enchantment, then burning.