Arsenal visuals

I´d like to have an option to show/hide arsenal weapons:
Am running a “hammer barbar” atm (2x1hb + 1x2hb), and so I´d love to hide the 2hs weapon on the back. Just a minor thingy, I know, but still… :slightly_smiling_face:


I think your idea is valid. I most often get rid of the helm visuals, or choose an armor that shows some skin, so I can see my barb’s face and tattoos. Also, I’ve used only the 2HB for most of the game.

That said… I can understand why they wouldn’t wanna give us the option to visually hide weapons, in case we actually use them and it looks silly (like, the weapon constantly vanishing/reappearing).
And why they wouldn’t wanna go into the extra mess of allowing/disallowing you to hide the visuals for weapons, depending on whether you have the skills that will use them or not.

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