Aspect of the Expectant - Worth it?

Hi. I just can’t tell how much damage it’s actually adding to Upheaval.

My current displayed damage is 31-38k. I have Furious Upheaval as well. It’s not my Barbarian’s focus, but it’s my only AOE attack. Lvl 83, clearing lvl 38 NM dungeons without much of a challenge for the most part.

Right now, Upheaval does what I expect it to: Deliver some minor damage, but to several enemies at the same time. Often enough, it kills or seriously damages common monsters. Plus, it sometimes makes them Vulnerable and/or Stunned thanks to passives.

I wonder if I there’s gonna be a significant difference, if I just drop the Aspect. I could put something more useful there, if it’s gonna do about the same damage.

The game won’t tell me how much I ACTUALLY gain from the Aspect (or from Furious Upheaval, for that matter). And I know that, if I just experimented, I might fail to notice the difference even if it’s kinda obvious (yeah, I’m not a pro AT ALL lol).

So, any way to actually calculate how much I’d lose by ditching Expectant? Thanks!

Up to 30% more. The aspect is a multiplicative bonus (it has the x in the description), so it multiplies your damage by 1.3.

I’d say it pairs perfectly with Furious Upheaval, since you’re boosting the damage twice in the same way (attacking with a basic skill = skill other than upheaval). But I guess it depends on your build. Maybe it’s a waste if you’ve got a better damage source and Upheaval is just for clearing trash.