Ball lighting is terrible. this nerf makes no sense

Can someone from Blizzard answer the question what happened to ball lighting?
I understand that a nerf was needed because everyone was playing with one build, but that’s no reason to add a metor build and make Ball Lighting unplayable. In my personal opinion, the nerf was completely pointless. the only build that gave me joy in the game. what you did this season with ball lighting is pathetic, I hope there will be many supporters of this build and blizzard will do something about it.

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They wait what MS says about hole D4. I start level Barb.

we have season 3, instead of having the choice to build a character with each season, blizzard forces players to make one build that gets a new unique. the rest of the building is unplayable, instead of expanding the Diablo 4 game, Blizzard reverts it to its previous state in which players can only play one build to achieve something. the worst thing about all this is that blizzard contradicts itself by adding a reveal on another skill but taking away the entire build. It’s a pity that no one from Blizzard will even read it or comment on it.

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And have you seen how little Sorcerer changes occupy in the patch notes? They nerfed BL, they added a Unique that upgrades Meteor from “completely useless” to “somewhat useful” (while still remaining garbage and worse than Firewall in every respect), and that’s it! Like, they ignored everyone that were complaining here and on reddit how Sorcerer is shit and they literally did nothing to make it better, so it would seem that Blizzard really thinks we’re all wrong and Sorcerer is now all cool!

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the people responsible for character balance are completely incompetent and it’s obvious they don’t play this game. in the posts uploaded by blizzard they say that there will be no nerf builds that are good to play, they will only do everything to make other builds equally attractive. Season 3 comes in which the creators themselves do not implement their assumptions. The gap in damage between a wizard and a barbarian is huge. Here’s my question to everyone reading my statements: why introduce a leaderboard if there is such a big difference between classes? the second question is whether you enjoy playing with only one build, which is already weaker than other classes. The biggest problem of season 3 in Diablo 4 is that even if I spend a lot of time playing the bolt lighting build, my character will not become stronger than the barbarian. Thank you all for reading this post

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Time to play something else my dude :smiley:
they do not want you to play 1 build all the time because it was once FOTM
Just pick something new and play with it

Oh,No thanks.
I will Play Sorc BL or Frost. or nothing. :wink:

So i guess you leave :smiley:

It’s not good for a Hack & Slash game to only have one viable build per class. Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, and Rogue received buffs, without significant changes to other skills (making them unplayable)… Sorceress has been very hard to find a viable build for from the very beginning (basically, from the start of the game, it’s a very weak class). Compared to other classes, it has weak defense, but as the only class in this case, it should be the strongest in terms of DPS… However, it ends up being a medium DPS and a weak tank, which disqualifies this class compared to others. This is significant because it’s the only one that can die from a single hit (especially with uber bosses)… And we know how that ends. Unfortunately, in Diablo, there’s no option to re-enter the fight once you’ve died; you have to start everything from scratch (wait for skills to refresh, etc). The design of this class seems to be done in a ‘slapdash, I’ll finish after lunch break, and we’ll “eventually” fix it’ manner, and that ‘eventually’ never comes… The character was playable in season 2 only thanks to the seasonal mechanics (attack speed, enhancement generated by this and thanks to attack speed and other bonuses like move speed transferred to attack speed, healing 2+% HP with each attack) and only due to the seasonal mechanics could you do something. Currently, it’s clear that without buffs, this class doesn’t exist (it exists, but isn’t playable)… And the sight of just barbarians and druids speaks for itself… The game is in a sorry state, I feel that with each season the game’s code becomes too complicated, it’s hard to locate problems with bugs, fixing exploits/trading takes them weeks… BUT! There’s time for introducing seasonal activities, hey, because why not! Ignore the bugs, ignore the lags and crashes, there will be a moon festival… So what if half of the players can’t play normally… But the shrines will be empowered! And remember to buy the battle pass and new skins… So what if you can’t play and won’t complete the battle pass, or you’ll quit the game on your own, having had enough of numerous bugs… The important thing is that you bought the battle pass, you can show it off to your friends. WAIT! Don’t boast, because they’ll laugh at you for owning D4.