BUG: Earthstriker's aspect not working as intended in 1.2.0 patch

"* Earthstriker’s Aspect

  • Weapon Swap requirement for Overpower attack reduced from 10 to 8.
  • Adjusted functionality: Overpower proc now happens on your next non-Basic Attack."

Above the patch notes from 1.2.0 on Earthstriker’s Aspect, the “adjusted funcionality” is just not there, the overpower proc still happens on basic attacks.


Oh, you’re absolutely right! I just went off the skill description which still says Overpower will trigger on any skill use, so I didn’t even realise there was the intent to make Earthstriker’s user friendly. I wonder which is wrong then - the patch notes or the game.
Did you post it in the bugs forum?

came here to say the same thing, super annoying when playing walking arsenal build. I wish it would only work on weapon mastery for easy deathblow big hits