[BUG] Elements aspect & paragon Legendary nodes synergy

before yesterday’s update you could see that Elements aspect (barely) affected bonuses of legendary nodes such as Frigid Fate or Elemental Summoner - the number of those legendary nodes’ bonus was changing in paragon tooltips (it was increasing by some 2% maybe 3%). after latest update the bonus number always stays the same when in reality it should be affected way more substantially.
also on unrelated note - there is also a bug with training dummy where conjuration skills (namely Hydra and Ice Blades) don’t target dummy at all.

I add to this. Either elements aspect is bugged and cold damage bonus doesnt affect frigid fate, either the tooltip of frigid fate is bugged.

Bump; i can confirm that Elements should add like 10% to Elemental Summoner, maybe even more, but the tooltip does not reflect that at all.

So was a reasoning for this every worked out? because I am struggling to find a way to boost Frigid fate when it appears you can only have cold damage on rings?!!
(Or in a sorcs case one ring coz I am sure no one gives up Tal’s)
and the Elements aspect and cold damage appears not to count towards that legendary node.
I took my gloves off in the range to make sure, but it registers no difference on the legendary node itself.