Bug - Oculus + Flickerstep not working

When I equip the Oculus and Flickerstep, it negates the effect of the Flickerstep.
The Oculus blocks the Flickersteps ability to cut down Unstable Current CD.
I’ve tried to remove Metamorphosis, no difference.
Dosen’t work in NM’s or OW.
Can you please look into this?

I reequip my previous weapon, a dagger, and everything works smooth.
I tested it without Meta now, no effect.

The teleport is dragging in enemies, so please do not mess up that if you try to fix the Oculus + Flickerstep bug…

I noticed the same and am have been running a similar build for Season 2

It only seems to reduce the cooldown when your evading through a champion or boss, for me anyway.

Flicker / Oculus / Meta in the build. Don’t really want to run a dagger as I get 50% damage, 15 ranks of teleport which gives you teleport constantly