[Bugs] Charge & item disappearing

Two things;
Charge still deals zero damage at times when attacking 1-3 enemies, usually mostly with 1 enemy. Does go to cooldown so it definitely uses the ability.
FIX THIS ALREADY, been an issue for as long as the game has been a thing.

Secondly I just noticed that I lost an helmet while I placed power into it, what in the fudge?
Finally found better helmet, took off my old helmet and removed its aspect so I can move it to my new helmet. Once I had removed the aspect and I had the aspect in my inventory, I placed it into the Occult and then I placed my new helmet in and implemented it. I start to walk off only to realize that I had no helmet, first to come into my mind I just didnt put it on. Well I check my inventory and what do I see? there is no helmet anywhere. Neither do I have the aspect power anymore either. So it definitely consumed the aspect power and for some reason same time deleted the whole item. What in the fudge seriously.