Calling All Sorcs - Oculus

Hi all

I am looking to the Sorc Community to see if I get get some up votes and love for what I know has been asked for in the past.

In early seasons, Sorcs were plagued by many negative affects on our best powers, skills, etc. After much community complaints, Blizzard listened and removed them. Today, for me, one Huge one remains, and thats the Oculus Unique wand. An item that has the potential to be BIS for most builds remains pretty much unused, and nothing more than a novelty that quickly becomes annoying. It has great synergy with many builds and items, making the Teleport skill even better, and working fantastically with Uniques such as Raimant and Esu, which are often BIS in builds.

Yet, the side effect of random teleport/evade turns it from amazing to junk, and completely unusable, particularly in S3 where the theme is designed to navigate precisely.

It doesn’t need any stat changes to make it great, it just needs the random evade effect removing, and I am certain it would feature in all Sorc speed builds at least, and probably rival BIS for many end games.

So come on Blizzard, give this iconic Sorc item some much needed love, and remove our last negative penalty that seems to have slipped through the net.

I hope Sorcs will comment and upvote this, and who knows, maybe we might get it changed for the mid season patch.




Yes I agree this is a much needed change as the item just becomes trash bait, as it’s to high risk to use it and be teleported to your death, and it would be even worse for Hard Core players

i agree 100% i hate the teleporting it even gives me headaches plz change it

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I surely agree with this, I played a lot as a sorcerer even in beta testing.
I also have one in s3 and I am using Oculus, I am having a lot of fun but yeah it will be nice to teleport where you want it and not dying from exploding mobs, traps, hazards, and other sources from nightmare dungeons.
They should rework The Oculus!!!

In the year of 1997 in Diablo 1 my sorcerer acquired the Phase spell.
It took half a minute to conclude to not ever use that spell.

So now it’s 2024 …

As much as I’d love to see that, me being a sorc main, I do not believe in it happening. At least not without nerfing something else at it if they take out the random evade. If they just take that out Occy can easily compare to an uber unique.

In s3 put the metamorphasis aspect on a piece of gear and the random teleport is fixed :slight_smile: . No fix for eternal though :frowning: