Charged bolts bug

The skill’s description says it does 8.9k - 10.9k damage (48%), but when I enter a dungeon, its damage is reduced by about 30%. This makes it completely unusable.

Hello everyone!

The truth is that I am having a hard time navigating the forum and perhaps this is not the correct section, but believe me, this forum is finding it very complicated, in fact I would like to start by stating several things.

1st My language is Spanish, I know a little English and I get help from a translator, forgive me if I don’t write very well.

2nd The forum should have a more intuitive format.

3º Along with English, Spanish is the most important language in the world and the official language in a greater number of countries, you are doing it really wrong by not having a forum in Spanish in Diablo IV

But I’m going to talk to you about what really brought me here “LAG” When I started this game about 3 months ago, invited by some friends with whom I play a lot, the game worked really well, but for 1 month the lag has been increasing, it could be exclusively my fault, the equipment that each one has in their house influences, however the fact that all my friends are commenting the same thing, that the lag is increasing and that we often have a lag attack at the same time, makes me suspect that there is something else, please check the optimization of the game. Furthermore, also regarding lag, notice that there is a trait that you can add to objects that is especially complicated, as it makes lag almost inevitable, it is a trait that means that while unstable currents are not active your Electrocution skills can activate it for free, if you put this trait on the necklace it can give you up to 18% probability, that is, it activates often and causes tons of lag.

Nothing more, thank you for your attention and I hope you will forgive me if this is not the correct section, this forum is simply complicated for me. All the best.

This is due to Aspect of Piercing Static. BUG: damage reducing permanently