Cooldown reduction Shout Skill' Affix

The affix on the ring: Whenever you cast a Shout Skill, its Cooldown is reduced by 1.X seconds per nearby enemy, up to maximum of 6 second … Does it work?, I think not.

I thought so too. I have plus cd on the paragon board so a total og 2.9 sec cd but as ive check when I use all 3 shouts almost doesnt roll to 1 sec. Pls blizz fox this!

and at the same time the have to increase the drop of these aspect I saw only 1 in from lvl1 to lvl 100.

its working. Check your shout base cd and check your real shout cd with that aspect.
Marshal glyph also works, its doing literally what is in description. Means, if one shout has 1.2s cd left activating another shout will reset cd for first one