D4 Downgrade / Diablo 3 rebirth / WoW HC and a d4 byez

Well… as it seems … diablo 3 is reborn again , the players on the old game is 100 times more !!! (and maybe more than 100 times) .

Well … the Tombstone of D4 is WoW HC and Diablo 3 new patch !!!

Please tell me … how do you do it ?
How do you downgrade a brand new game ?
Really i can not understand … i spend 100 darn Euros for this game …
i am so much tired to DEMAND a game that i can have good time … that i have actually quitted the game , and abandoned the hope of enjoying the money i gave ya for this …

Well , at least the 6month subs for wow hc (cause retail is at same pace as d4) are well spent !!!

Too bad guyz … very bad … i am very very very sorry , but i will think it 100 times more before i will buy something new from you .

From a very old customer (1993 till todayz)


It’s a new season for week or 2 there is gonna be players playing Diablo 3

Also not true
Warcraft 3 HC was released like few days or maybe week

actually in d3 players stick more than 2 weeks … check your facts a bit.

That is true warcraft HC was released almost same time as d4 , but then i had spent the 100 euros i was so hyped for the game … and the result is this …
i left for a game that is 19 years old almost !!!
That alone it is saying a lot.

Have a nice day my friend.

you must be feeling hungry after all these comments. go eat a mprizola and then come back to enjoy the best game of bliz so far!

best game of bliz so far ???

riiiiiiiiiight … please don’t tell you are voting as well …