D4 has run out of RAM?

Yep same issue, just after killing first boss bam “Out of memory”
Amd Ryzen 5 3600
Geforce RTX2060s
32GB of ram

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AMD 5800x3D
RTX 2070 (8GB VRAM)
pagefile enabled & set to 6GB
high settings - tried with and without DLSS
downloaded the full 85GB version
19GB RAM usage tops and than kicked to desktop

Has anyone toyed with page file size? i was on recommended (4957Mb) and have just changed it to 16Gb hoping it helps.

Ryzen 5800x
Asrock X470 Taichi
32GB 3200Mhz RAM
Win11 Pro

Enabled paging file 16GB.

But to avoid the crash I lowered all graphic settings and enabled DLSS Balanced so I stayed on 9GB VRAM usage…

Instead of OutOfMemory crash I got kicked and now I have this error Code: 316719

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same issue on iMac late 2020 with 5700 xt

happend again, this seems to happen every time i start or advance in the quest.

it crashed after youre drugged and kill the villages (barb)
and now again after I opened the chappel

and now a 100 minute wait queue :frowning:
at least let poeple keep the place in queue if it crashes


ok after a 90 minute re-queue, adjusting to 16Gb Pagefile did nothing. Crashed almost immediately, (load checkpoint in the barn, made it to the chapel. CRASH)

Pic’s available at load, Crash GPU and Mem charts.

Win 10 21H2
i9 11900k 5.1 All Core
Z590E Asus
32GB DDR4 4000 G.Skill
RTX3080Ti XC3 Ultra - EVGA
16384 PageFile.

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I get the same Problem

Win 11 22H2

I monitor my hardware with HWInfo and Windows Task Manager. There was 20GB RAM Used and then crashed: “Out of memory”

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Same Here

I7 9700k
32g RAM
RTX 2080ti
playing full settings 144 hz screen

Same here, game crashed after using about 20gb of RAM (VRAM was 100%) and the graphic card shared memory was increasing.
Win 10
i7 8700k
32 gb RAM
MSI 1080gtx

can play about 10minutes the game crash or the whole computer crashes.

Same problem here, twice … so now i have to wait another 100min > in queue.

Ryzen 3600X

Got in again.

This time I reduced the textures to mid - was able to play solid 10mins
RAM usage stayed @~8GB
tried changing back to high → immediately RAM starting climbing to 15GB where I turned back to mid again.

maybe give it a shot
(everything else is still highest possible + DLSS quality)

We were asked to gather system files from those affected. Could you please create system files and then send them via email to techinfo@blizzard.com with the subject “D4 - High RAM usage”


Can this issue cause PC restarts? I’ve 3 PC restarts already always when I’m in the first dungeon.

same for me

Win 11
32GB RAM (4x 8GB Modul)
RTX 4080

I’ve sent as requested

Thank you for all the system files. We’re passing them all on, as soon as we get the emails.


Same for me.

RTX 3080
32Gb RAM

File sent.

sent an email along with a crash report ID from Fenris
this time it happened in the middle of a cutscene

if the vram of the graphics card is not sufficient, it is swapped out in the main memory until it is full and then it continues in the virtual swap file. If this is then full, the system crashes and there is a reboot.

Since D4 said here that the RAM ran out, I suspect the error here.

I have an RTX 3090 with 24GB VRAM. Almost 19GB of this was occupied.
D4 itself occupied about 9.xGB of memory space.

The TE has 32GB installed… he wrote that the D4 had over 19GB in RAM. Comparing that to my results, about 11GB of data was swapped out of VRAM to RAM.

If other processes in the background still need RAM… it can quickly become too little for D4 and the process is terminated.

My guess.
Maybe presettings from game to high for your system? I dont know.
Reduce graphics settings and try again? What resolution did you use? For me FHD 1920x1080

Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3
RTX 3090 FE
Windows 10