D4 has run out of RAM?

Getting the error that Diablo 4 has run out RAM. This results in a hard crash of the client. My system has 32GB of RAM and I’m running a 3060ti with 8GB VRAM. System monitor history shows 19.4 GB of RAM use before the crash.

If the client is using 19.4GB of RAM, this far exceeds the required 16GB.

This has become a debilitating bug. I can play for 5 minutes (tops) before being kicked to the desktop with the RAM error, and then I must spend 45+ minutes in a queue. If this persists, it will impossible to complete any of the BETA objectives or acquire the cosmetic


same thing with me, but i have 11 gb

Same problem. After 5-10 minutes the game crashes with the “Not enough memory” window.
When the game crashes, D4 takes 17gb of the RAM, and system is 77% loaded

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E1 yes, the game keeps eating away memory as soon as you hit play. I watched the introduction cinematic and made my character when the game crashed with the game ran out of memory error. Same thing happens after a while of gameplay. Seems to me they forgot to purge unused loaded things from memory so the game just keeps eating away the memory you have. I have 16 GB of memory; this was never an issue before.

E2 So, now the queues are 100+ minutes long :frowning:
E3 And after i waited for that long i got in game and played 1 minute till it crashed again! 1 minute! FFS

E4 After i’v set everything on low i got to play some good 15-20 minutes, but then the server keeps disconnecting me and it bugs out, you have to relaunch the game. And then more queues :confused: (Code 300008)

E5 Queue for login (with many timeouts I might add) then queue for play…what the hell is Blizzard thinking?

And if I am to be stuck at “Queued for game - start game pending…” why is it in my face? You cannot even see your character which you can turn but cannot see for the BIG square in front of it.


We’ve passed on these reports. Sadly we have no further information for now.


sounds bad… RAM leak?

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Happened to me twice also, I think its GPU memory related. But then I read that you should have Paging File enabled. So I enabled it but waiting for queue now. Lets see if it helps. If it doesn’t, then just use low graphic settings to not hit GPU memory limit.

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I can’t say what exactly would be causing this, but regardless of if it is VRAM or RAM, neither should happen.


queue RAM is atm 3,7GB and VRAM usage is atm 5,9GB

edit: okay after queue and selecting char, now on map, RAM usage at 14 GB VRAM at 7,6 GB

Same here, second time. First time i was sure its the “c” space (got it down to 500mb somehow after runing d4). Now its 50gb free space so its not disk space, same with the 30gb ram and a ok card. Error kick and now im at a 120min wait line. Gj Blizzard not adding like a 5 minute quick rejoin.

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Device spec
CPU I9 12900K
Ram 32 Gb 5200mhz
VGA ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4070 Ti OC


CPU I9 10900K
Ram 32 GB
Geforce RTX 3080

Same here.
With GPU-Z opening, I noticed significant abnormal
GRAM increasing especially when doing real-time CG.

Win 11 22H2
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
Ram 32GB
Geforce RTX 3090

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Having same issues, adding my spec
Core I7 8700K
RTX 3090 Founders Edition (24GB VRAM)
32GB DDR4 ram 4 Corsair VENGEANCE® 16GB 3000MHZ
CMU16GX4M2C3000C15 X2
CMW16GX4M2C3000C15 X2
and a Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming-CF (U3E1) motherboard

I will also add that I had discord and chrome active, and they both crashed too when D4 closed.
I had the crashes about 4-5 times. (now waiting in queue again)
previous crashes didnt take discord or chrome down with them, but the stream on twitch did show an error (watching, not streaming)

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Experienced same, memory warning, hard lock. 1 DC previous.

Win 10 21H2
i9 11900k 5.1 All Core
Z590E Asus
32GB DDR4 4000 G.Skill
RTX3080Ti XC3 Ultra - EVGA
Pagefile was set to : ON 5120-8192, updated to 10240

Same issue experienced twice.
Windows 10 22H2
16 GB DDR3
GTX 970

same. any workarounds?

As of right now, no. These reports have been passed on, and I’ve heard nothing back as of yet. They are being looked into though.


Memory leak in game. 19GB/32GB. But when I go to the desktop and wait for a while (5 minutes), the game’s RAM usage drops to 9GB. As soon as I play again the RAM usage increases again to 19GB. In addition I have the impression that it is mostly a problem for PCs with 32GB.

Same issue, sometimes in addition to a corrupted data error message.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600 3.9GHz
Geforce RTX 3060
32GB Ram
Windows 11

having a 60 minutes queue for 10 min of gameplay, crash and back into 120 min of queue is not such a nice experience i must admit :slight_smile:

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