Deeper in the game.... re roll affixes

Now that I have played Diablo 4 for a while and have a few chars to level 100. It’s safe for me to say that it has been a blast. Although the game is really fun to play, there are a few things I want to mention.

When I bought the game, I paid a little extra to get the mount with it. Little did I know I wouldn’t receive it right away, as I thought. I had to go through the main quest line and when I was about level 30 and went to the 3rd part of the quest line, that’s where I got access to the mount. That was a bit of a setback, however it also included the season pass, so I did not complain about it. This is the first Diablo I ever played, so to get to level 30 in the main quest to get to the quest for the mount, took me longer than getting my second character to level 100 (after my first level 100 char). Anyway, the mount was nice and ugly, as it should be.

  • Because this is the first Diablo I ever played, I just went with the gear I found. And thinking like a noob that the higher the item power, the better the gear piece. Oh wait, there are affixes on them… what’s that all about? Percentages…mmm so I have to be a maths genius to figure this all out. Let’s go, I thought. I started with Barbarian, and I can’t stress how low the damage was on that one. I got it to level 50, and I was totally done with the character. No healing, no shielding. Time for something else. Season 1 started after 2 weeks of play and I created a Necromancer… still … no shields!! I never got it to level 100 because it’s so squishy. Max tier dungeons I could do was 60s. Higher than that and the characters farted on me and I died. It’s the most useless class in my eyes. I went to Sorcerer. Also, very squishy! But at least it has a shield, healing and teleporting to get me out of trouble (if not stunned). It does less damage than the Necromancer (Bonespear build) but as long as I don’t meet the Butcher? I can solo 80s and my top is 90. I started a Druid. What a joke. Got it to level 100 with my sorc.*

Having all of that said. There is no balance in characters. Everything but the Druid is squishy. Druid can face tank and do even more damage. I have a Bulwark Druid. Druid does the same damage as my Necro (I’ve seen 150 mil somewhere flying around) but my Necro dies when enemies look at it in tier 60 and above. With the Druid it gets hard over 85. Fighting the Butcher with the Druid is a walk in the park. On my Sorc or any other char it’s a RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Situation. Not doable. I’m not a pro player and I have noticed that this game is all about being pro and elitist, or you’re no match as you go up in tiers. I’m all about hard content, but it must be doable. That is not the case. Only with the right gear, paragon placement, weapons and dedication (time) you have a shot at the highest content. While having a life outside this game, I will probably not get there. I wanted to, but the time and grinding it will take is more for people that have all the time in the world. I started 2 weeks before season 1 started. I still don’t have a character that has it all. The right gear with the right affixes and aspects. That is impossible. So try not to try too hard. You can also buy gear tho, but I have 200 mil and when I see a piece I like the biddings are over a billion sometimes. I don’t know how people get that much money. Probably by selling it there, but I never find something worthy to sell. I just decon it or dump at the vendor. The moment I find something that would be worthy to sell, it’s likely that I need it myself because it has better affixes.

When you do find a nice gear piece with a few nice affixes. There is a 99% you will have to re roll 1 affix. That is the worst thing you will, can and have to do in this game hands down. I don’t care about grinding, quests, sucking someone’s … for whatever reason. Affix re roll is the most ridiculous system in this game. Even the 2-second speed boost on the mount can’t top this one. Even tho it’s a horse and can run till it dies. But who cares about real, right? Re rolls on an item piece, will cost you more money and materials then anything else in game. You start “low” around 30k or 130k (probably higher as I think of it) depending on the item you have. If you’re lucky, you will have the right affix in a few tries and only lost a million or 2 with some mats. If not, you have a better chance of start the grind all over because the price will go up every try. I paid over 150 mil gold on 1 item piece (in total), not even talking about materials. And still didn’t get what I was looking for. I just wanted to see how far this game would take the bs. Well, I can say until you’re broke and angry. I only saw the same rolls over and over, but never the one I needed. That system is broken…don’t try it. Okay, if you do. Try it 3 times, otherwise get out of there and find another piece. I mean, doing the re roll is not like if you don’t want it, it will not come back as an option. No no, like a bunch of fruit flies, they will harass you until you want to set the house on fire. There is also the fact that you get what you want, but the lowest roll you can possibly think of. So you have what you need, but you also have to try again to get a higher roll on the roll you just got. That is how sad this system is. It gets worse. Now you are re rolling without changes until you get the same affix but higher/better. Wasting money and resources without changing a thing about your item piece. It’s not like you get a list of affixes, you pay the man a few mills and you’re done. No, no no. You will be sorry you even had the balls to try this system. It gets better tho. You can only replace 1 affix on your gear to minimize the chance of throwing your pc out of the window. That is the bright side…the worst part is…you can only re roll 1 affix on your gear. Having the right gear is a luxury over 90% of the player base cannot afford.

So yea, there is that. I can live with everything in this game but this. I cannot stress enough this has to stop right away. This goes beyond pay to win, gambling, extortion etc. It’s like going to the garage to get your car fixed and it’s a 3% chance of getting the new clutch you need. And when you get it, it might be the cheap version. Anyway…thanks for reading my book XD later

D4 afiixes are like your post… people see a wall of text and leave.
but i will reply with a wall of text and see if u will read.

I think that their idea was that people will grind forever to get the right affixes for their build… it sounds good mby for someone but its just not fun.

The ammount of different affixes is fine but they should be grouped and players should be able to reroll 1 affix in each group. Cost of rerolling is fine tho.

Lucky hit and overpower should be reworked to godlike fun stuff and have their affix slots, separeted from all other rolls.

Resistances should be separated from other slots.

attackspeed, crit, poison, skill lvls etc. should be together.

everything related to distance should roll in different group.

4 groups:

Lycky n overpower (1 slot)
Resitances (2 slots)
Damage n skills (3 slots)
Combat style (1 slot)

So total affixes on item increse to 7 but they should be way more organized.
(i don wanna hear that it makes character overpowered or whatever, it can be simly balanced)

The main problem with loot right now is that its not fun. Its a wall of text that noone wants to read.

Lucky hit and over power should be way stronger attributes and used by every player. Not a decision if to use but decision what kind of luck or op to use.

Resistances are not fun at all, nobody wants them, might need them but having them in defferent slot would just take some pain away.

Damage and skill related stuff is what makes playes happy. So those things should have most slots and they should be able to have lucky rolls that are so high that players will stand up from the table and dance when finding a lucky roll that is like triple of normal.

Distance related stuff is only good to keep players focused on their playstyle. therefore one slot for this is good. You have to make a choice and thats it.

Rework the itemis is the main thing they have todo… my example might not be the best but currently they are trying to help the game with nonsense… changing the exp values etc.

I just saw a video where some dude explained that they tried to make people play longer until lvl 50 by nerfing exp because players around lvl 70 leave…
What sort of failure of understanding the data is this?

People leave at lvl 70 because they dont find any exiting items, exp bar is standing still…
its not that game is better at lower levels its that people just give up. because item system is boring and not rewarding the player. Its not fun to farm 30 hours in hopes to get same friggin item but with one different affix… that will exchange another allready good affix…

I think that fun is to find nearly perfect item… with one godly roll. i dunno 50% crit chance… a roll that is so good that next 100 hour i will be farming just to reroll other affixes on that item to make it perfect.

Finding items that are pretty much all the same and always make you replace one good thing with other good thing… why even bother. Everything is the same anyways…

Big fail in item system and crafting… Agreed.

I read it all btw. Took me some time, I didn’t think anyone will ever reply on this. Thank you for the comment and being serious about this. I can only say that I agree with you. The cost for reroll should have a cap tho. I’m not playing a game to pay 100 mil for a reroll in total or even more because I get the same suggestion that I don’t want but the one I’m looking for is not comming up. That is not on me to pay for imo. Anyway, thanks for reading and replying.