Diablo 4 - Dungeon suggestion, have npc merchants, also Gems only inventory space

Just a suggestion, would it be possible to place a NPC merchant in Dungeons, where they can buy/salvage items.

There are time when I have had to teleport about 3 times during a Dungeon run due to having no inventory space.

You could place Dungeon themed NPC’s, like Fallen Imp merchant , or a Cultist merchant, Goatman merchant, or a Thief merchant, ect who will buy and sell you things. This way we can get rid of items easier while still staying in the dungeon.

Also…please have gems in a separate, gems only inventory? Please!!


100% on board with better storage for gems.
Even if it was a Gems bag that takes up 4 slots but can hold a bunch of gems.
Or gems add to crafting materials and not as an item, then socket from a different menu… though a Gems bag would be easier to implement surely.

Regarding Merchant in Dungeons, this isn’t an issue I ran in to personally, I didn’t pick up some things, and dropped some others…felt it better than travelling back and forth.

Maybe have a pet/familiar that can take items back to town to sell/scrap for you…like what was done in Torchlight.

Yea sure, good ideas.

I’m missing positive events on the map.
Could be that there’d be merchants you could find that had a different stock than town merchants. Also there could be an alchemist who sell elixirs. And perhaps a priest that will buff.
Could be quests also. Like go kill that guy or fetch me this, and you get something for that then; random quest npc that would appear.

I like the idea that dungeons would have monster merchants sometimes, that would be funny.