Diablo IV Open Beta - Known Issues

The Diablo IV Open Beta is available for Early Access beginning March 17th at 9am PDT and ends on March 20th 12pm PDT. Open Beta will be available beginning March 24th at 9am PDT and end on March 27th at 12pm PDT. The below are known issues with the build that players should be aware of.

We will continue to update this thread if any other known issues arise throughout the beta weekends.

Known Issues

  • If the player triggers the Lorath introduction cutscene while the world is in daylight, the player’s and Lorath’s shadows will shimmer in-game until the Prologue is complete. This issue will not occur if the player skips the cutscene.

  • In-game voice chat may not function correctly for all players.

  • Performance optimizations are still in progress. Players may encounter some performance issues, particularly on older hardware across different platforms.

  • The ‘Play’ tab at the top of Character Selection is clickable but currently does not lead to another menu in the beta.

  • During the beta players will be able to select from a wide variety of work-in-progress “Text Language” options beyond English. English will be the only available option for “Spoken Language” during the beta, but other languages will be available at launch.

  • Players playing Hardcore in local couch co-op on console may not be able to return to character select until both players die. This will be addressed at launch.

  • Players joining another in couch co-op will not see a displayed queue time. The game may seem unresponsive despite the player being in queue and attempting to join the session.

  • There is currently an issue of imprinting Codex of Power effects on rare totems.

  • Fullscreen users on Windows 11 may run into a crash by alt-tabbing in the Open Beta. Workarounds are noted here.