Easy improvement to make the Gaunlet more engaging (for me)

I like the edition of the Gaunlet, for the last week it gave me motivation to start playing this season again. For context, my character was level 89 when I stopped playing, because I felt I didn’t really have any attainable goals left.

This is around the time most content for Diablo IV doesn’t interest me that much anymore, I don’t care about levelling glyphs and don’t care about repeating bosses. I like the pinnacle dungeon, because they give me a clear goal to work towards.

The Gaunlet also gave me these clear goals (score milestones). I have been doing the Gaunlet to get a better score, but also the other content (levelling Glyphs and doing bosses) to get better at the the Gaunlet.

From the Campfire chats I got the impression that the Gaunlet is not really meant as levelling content, but more to test a character, but for me it works really well as levelling content. It because available right at the moment most other goals that for me seem doable have been achieved and it gives me a clear goal to improve towards.

What I don’t think works that well yet, for this purpose, is the reward structure. If I reach new milestone in the Gaunlet I would like to get immediate rewards, so I can use them to improve in the Gaunlet. For me it didn’t really work to have to wait to get rewards and then seeing all the rewards are not valuable for me.

I hope the goal of the Gaunlet can be shifted to also include high levelling content. I think by creating more milestone and giving a little more reward per milestone immediately when reaching the milestone, this can probably be achieved.

This does not detract from the existing goals of having content to test your character, because the leaderboard structure stays the same.