Fix aspect of Perpetual Stomping to be of type utility instead of mobility

Aspect of Perpetual Stomping (reset kick and leap on ground stomp) is of type mobility and thus can only be used on boots and amulet. If you want to use it together with items like 100.000 steps (boots) you can only put it on an amulet and that’s a complete waste of the 50% amulet bonus since the aspect has nothing that scales.
Please, to make Barbarian builds a bit more versatile, change the type of the aspect to utility or add something that actually profits from the amulet slot like a damage boost to kick and leap (already pretty low damage)!
This would also work well together with the upcoming changes of earthquake in patch 1.1.1!

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id think they should add a unique boots like the Lut Socks that, for endgame version of leapquake, give something more fluid and mobile like the D3 leapquake…