Frame Generation causes stuttering in-game

When enabling Frame generation i get fps spikes or stutters when opening/closing map and/or other interface in-game. With it disabled its smooth as butter and with no issues. I have a RTX 4070 graphics card and a good pc, even with recommended graphics settings from Nvidia geforce enabled. DLSS on/off, raytracing on/off or Nvidia reflex on/off makes no difference, it’s just when enabling Frame generation…

Please look into this and fix it, it’s really annoying that I can’t run 180 fps on my 180 hz 1080p monitor when I have it disabled its around 90-100 fps, although be it without any stutters it just doesn’t feel good for me and should be solved.

Kind regards, Victor

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man, i have better computer, and the 4080 RTX and even using low settings frame generation crashes. Using performance mode, not dlla, or others.

Even i lowed my fps to 120 and 30 minimun and crashes still.

I have cache cleaned, repaired everything, i have no virus, firewall, etc. Still Diablo 4 crashes when other games with huge quality settings, i mean 800% quality. Is an arpg, so you only see the map, and you and the monsters, npc, no more, i play other games with bigger settings, and i have no issues. Even i can play vulkan.

I think they will never fix performance, they don´t know how to do it.

Other games from this company has the same issue, wow, etc, so don´t expect too much when wow have huge performance issues and they are cartoons, and this is more realistic.