Game suggestions - the grind is real

Some game improvement suggestions to hopefully improve user experience:

  1. Create material crafting allowing us to convert steel to shards and varshan parts to eggs without having to spend time resetting these bosses to get to Duriel.

  2. Increase varshan material drop rate. It is by far the longest boss to farm for (beast aside). Perhaps add a new material dropped from whispers that can be combined into a varshan summon. Too much rng on parts and swapping hearts usually means less hearts drop thereafter.

  3. Increase helltide density similar to new construct area.

  4. Helltides, Players run 2 chests and swap chars to run another 2. Add 2 chests (4 total) so people don’t need to swap.

  5. Horse run. Remove charges and allow us to toggle run. Charges are just utterly pointless and lead to periods where u can’t run anymore.

  6. With all the rng, reduce Duriel mats by half. It’ll still take us a full season to maybe get all Ubers. (Casual players)

  7. If possible, doing any activity in the game should reward boss summons. People should be allowed to do what they enjoy most without being forced to run things they don’t enjoy.

The farm in endgame is incredibly slow and boring. Especially being limited to how many materials u can drop in a given timeframe. Some folks just log on for an hour or two and should be able to earn more than a set number of materials. Thinking specifically about helltide timer and limited chests. 275 for 5 steels x2 chests. Or 5 steels for 375 if opening armour chests.