Glacial Aspect not working

Having some issues with my ice shards/blizzard sorc.
I’ve been using the glacial aspect for quite some time now with no problems. All of a sudden it stopped working. No changes, it just stopped. No ice spikes form, no extra damage during blizzard. I’ve removed all gear, tried re-equipping individual pieces, changed gear with the glacial aspect and still nothing. Anyone else have this problem?


They changed the graphics for it a bit, and the Frozen Tundra aspect does not seem to work at all… But for me the ice-spikes do form.

Same here since yesterday’s update, no ice shards showing up and no additional damage. No problems before that either. I also use glacial aspect and frozen tundra. Blizzard what’s going on?

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It has also stopped working for me, the ice needles no longer appear, and I have been using this icy skin for 1 month, please a quick solution Blizzard

Im really happy they removed the graphics in Lilith bossfight i had hardtime seeing whats going on.

has this been resolved?

I noticed the same issue. I have the Glacial Aspect and Frozen Tundra Aspect, but not more Ice Spikes. It seemed to start after the last patch.

Not comment from anyone at Blizzard yet and I even hit them up on Twitter. I hope they comment as to what exactly is going on, because it does seem like my build is doing less damage now. Something is up.

It’s the Frozen Tundra aspect that does not give the 50% larger Ice-spikes, nor does the Frozen Wake chill effect seem to apply. I reported this in the Technical Support forum just a few minutes after the patch was released.
Still not a single word from Blizzard.

So at this point it does seem intentional, else they would at least have acknowledged the issue. But the silence is a clear indication that it was intentional nerf perfectly timed with the xp-boost period.


hope it’s not intentional…
still not proc’ing the spikes (glacial+frozen tundra on a blizz build)

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After waiting for patch 1.1.4, this aspect still does not work, what a disappointment Blizzard, you will see.

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Does anyone know if this bug was at least acknowledged?

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Still not working in Season 3 :grimacing: