Inconsistent Details


  • Why is it that, on PS4, when the Barbarian uses a Two-Handed Sword he can not walk, he can only run, but when he uses a Two-Handed Ax he can walk and not just run?.. And he does it in a very nice and cool way to watch, with a beautiful animation in which you can feel the strength in the every step and the weight in the movement… On the other hand, in Cities, he can only run and can not walk. (…but the Wizard can walk in the city and outside of the city…)

Why does this happen? There is no apparent reason for this…
I like to play slowly, enjoying the scenery and engaging in a more methodical and purposeful/intencional combat, and not just running through levels and dungeons exploding hordes of monsters without actually seeing anything of what is going on.
I don’t like to be always running around in cities and breaking rushing into stores, always running like a crazy.

Why does the game sometimes let me play how I want and other times it doesn’t?
Are the animations of the characters incomplete? Will this be added later?

  • Also, when the Barbarian goes up a ramp, a hill or the steps of a staircase, the walking animation changes a little and we can see and feel that he is going up, but there is no corresponding animation for when he is going down.

This may not be very important at the moment, but this inconsistency of details irritates and annoys me very much, it takes away the immersion in the game.

With the Rogue ALL this details work beautifully, so why not with the Barbarian?

Thank you.