Items went missing from Stash during transfer to Eternal

Dear Blizzard.
I am a collector of items in the game that have inscriptions.
I’m writing because I’m missing 4 items that I have earned from The Season of the Malignant that didn’t transfer to my temporary stash at the end of Season 1.
This happened before the end of Season 2 when I was transfering my stash, and I discovered that the items were missing.

I thought originally that it was intentional as we were told that seasonally exclusive things would not transfer, which is also the reason that I’m not addressing it until now, but I just discovered that all my earned seasonal quest rewards from season 2 such as Lord Zir’s Amulet, transferred to Eternal with no issue, so this must have been a bug during season 1.

The only thing I did differently was putting the season 2 items unto my character to hold instead of putting them in the Stash as I did with the season 1 items prior to the stash transfering to Eternal.

The 4 items that I am missing are from the Malignant Seasonal Quest line:

  • “Spring Band” - Ring obtained from Cage-Torn Bag

  • “Binding Band” - Ring obtained from Cage-Torn Bag

  • “The Price of Purity” - Ring obtained from the “Sealed Cache of Ichor”

  • “Varshan’s Prayer Necklace” - Amulet obtained from “Varshan’s Modest Effects”.

I had all the items earned on my second level 100 Necromancer named Malignant (I have 2 female Necromancers with the same name in my roster, and it’s the one with the newest creation date and the white hair), which I specifically levelled to 100 only for the purpose of doing the seasonal quest and getting the rewards at max Item Power possible.

Please help me get back my missing items from season 1 so I can complete my collection.
The logs should show you that these were rightfully in my Stash possession at the time before the character was transferred from Seasonal and then disappeared upon arriving on Eternal.
I’m really hoping you can help me as it is such a bummer to have my collection permanently lost due to a bug out of my control.

Kindest regards.

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