Just lost about 60 stacks of duriel mats

So i have been doing alot of trading on Diablo Trade and as a result i reached the gold cap of 10b many times. My work around to this problem has been buying duriel mats and stock pilling them. Sincei have sold items for over 50b the duriel mats became my wealth and sort of my collection.

Now when my stash was full i would transfer them to an alt character. The first character i filled his consumable inventory with duriel mats. I thought all good and didnt check the character until today.

Today I had to make a new character to fill up with more duriel mats, as i knew my other alt character was full already. Well i filled the 2nd character up with duriel mats. Logged off. And for some reason i check my 1st alt character only to find he had four stacks of duriel mats. I thought maybe I had forgotten that i transfered some back to my main (although now im sure i havent). I logged back into my 2nd character (which i had JUST filled up with duriel mats) and now he had only 6 stacks of duriel mats! So I know theres a bug happening here.

I looked it up online and clearly this has not only happend to me as many other report about the same thing having happend to them.

Suffice to say, I had 66 stacks of duriel mats, which I have worked incredible hard to gain all that wealth, and now it has been reduced to 6 stacks due to randomly vanishing by some bug. I would very much like to have it back, as this situation absolutely kills my motivation to continue playing the game.

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