Lag inside abattoir of zir

I’m having Major lag issues on my ball lightning sorcerer and its preventing me from reaching higher tiers of Abattoir of Zir. im not the only one. friends from other parts of the world having same issues. is there anyway to fix the problem?

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Same here.
Impossible to progress because as soon as I gather a big pull of trash mobs and elite packs and teleport into them to stun and group them with Raiment the game lags out so hard Im always dead because I cant use my spells and warping everywhere. Ping is going from 80 to 1000-2000 at that moment.
Here is recent example and this one is not even that bad: com/watch?v=ZcKsRM95-gE
All other games runs fine and it only happens in AoZ when doing big pulls…
Please fix and let us progress.


The game is so RAW that problems of Sorc and Barb are the smallest. All other classes without uber unkilleble necklace just run 1-10 without any chance to get higher even without lags. Worst game ever from Blizzard!

this is exactly whats also happens in uber lillth instance… as soon as you get up the steps to where she spawns pings fly right up, and just becomes a lag fest, go anywhere else on the map and plays perfectly fine.

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