No content scam game ...DLC each year?

look out for that scam game it is eamty and broken i uninstal this crap and im sad i pay for that :frowning: and now they tell me they wil add DLC each year what lame politics form BLizztard ACIDvision … they delete my posts … when i warn players form that crap 1/10 game


did the same to me when i posted a comparison to poe, uninstalled this scam and wont be back.

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I don’t understand the crying about DLC, after all it was the same in Diablo 3 and everyone played one. I love Diablo 4 and I won’t stop playing!

Diablo 3 had one expansion and one class pack over the course of its life time, Diablo 4 has a cosmetic store and a premium battlepass for every season, and still wants to sell yearly full price expansions. There is no comparison to be made here.
Diablo 4 is both full price AAA and monetized as a f2p game, it is beyond greedy, especially with the severe lack of seasonal and endgame content.


The difference is a company who has major problems with their original release, shouldn’t even be THINKING about making an expansion, they should be focusing on making the original the best it can be, who wants to buy an expansion to a boring game?

The problem is, millions of people will buy the expansion regardless, and they know this, and it pleases the shareholders… I mean ffs rez’s still don’t work and they are using stash code from D3 they knew was broken… An expansion should be the last thing on their mind


then why are you on the forum?

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You clearly are a stupid person because what you said doesn’t make any sence
D3 had one expansion and it was released like 2 or 3 years after original game…
D4 is gonna release one 40+ eur expansion every year
I hope you can’t vote becaue if you can your country is doomed

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i hope they release 100+ 500dollar expansions each year. that way they go bankrupt because no one is playing blizzard games anymore


well if you dont like the expacs dont buy them! i consider the price of the expacs of around 80-90 usd fair as the streamers say, so will definitely buy it! i just hope for the new clases to be present (wd or monk) and of course the real money oction house that everyone is expecting!!!

Blizzard just exist to rip-off everyone now. Don’t fuel their greed and they may realise gamers (their customers) deserve some respect. If we just buy it, nothing will change.

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You cant win vs company that hires whole team of psychologists in order to think of stuff that’s gonna keep people returning with each update.

Logic is : Take away everything from players, leave them with nothing and then every once a while add something new , small but new and players will come crawling back every time.

No content in D4 is because they are working on expansion,and who knows how many expansions they are working at the same time,that’s why we are left with 4-5 people managing whole basic game. No resources to waste on us,and why would they,they already got paid.

When they said ‘‘d4 is just a beginning’’ no one thought they were talking about adding expansions each year. We all thought they will add content in D4

I don’t understand why people crying about DLC, if you don’t want buy it just try to play D2R

The word ‘crying’ is used too much by fanboys. Why not just see it as feedback?

Diablo Immortal was a test bench for how greedy and nasty devs could be with it… Both games are just cash-apps disguised as games… as most games are now days