No health potions after respawn by friend

I’m playing Diablo 4 on PS4 with a friend, when either of us dies and we revive eachother, we respawn with the health potions we died with(usually zero!).

We used to respawn with full health potions once we were revived.

If we die together and respawn then we do get full health potions but just reviving eachother, nothing!

It’s making it impossible to kill a boss.

Anyone else got this issue? Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m using PC and I’m having the same thing happen. Not really sure why. That’s why I’m hopping on here going what’s up. I feel like I’ve gotten kicked off during teleportation less the shot but now my potions aren’t coming back.

Same here on ps5. Was doing beast in ice and somehow he managed to freeze me while teleporting and hit me with ice blasts killed me had 7 potions left before death when friend revived i had 0. Regardless we lost. Don’t even have a chance if you can’t even have a chance to even heal once.

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