One shot guardsman construct killing from off-screen

Guardsmen construct is beaming me from off-screen. One shot death multiple times in the same dungeon. I have 3 clips showing 3 different guardsmen constructs. Nothing in the NM dungeon affixes says anything about one shot sniping enemies through walls and across rooms

Yup it happens in high difficulty dungeon. It shoot multiple projectiles and beams me to dead. The issue is not it is offscreen, it is too small and looks like the other construct so I didn’t notice the little devil till I am dead. Thats why I only play the Teleport Enchantment Arc Lash build in T100 vault which I can TP nonstop so the construct was never able to aim me. So sad the Unstable Current effect on TP enchantment is going to be nerfed next season. It was so fun currently as Sorcerer is playing like the Flash :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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