Paragon board and player stats issue


I hope you are able to understand my explanation for what I believe is a bug in Diablo 4 regarding the Sorcerer class.

The legendary node Frigid Fate gives a bonus damage to vulnerable enemies equal to 10% of the total amount of your bonus damage with cold. max 30%

Current amount is = 16% which means that my damage with cold is 160%

But if I imprint the aspect of elements on my staff, which gives 60% bonus damage to a set type of elemental damage for 7 seconds.
Fire, Lighting, Physical
Cold, Poison, Shadow

Then for 7 seconds my bonus damage increases from 160% to 316% which would give 14% extra vulnerable damage. Equal the max cap on 30% Frigid Fate node.

But nothing happens to this stat.

Is it a bug? It should be correlated.

Best regards.