Playing Barbarian in S1 with my son is emabrassing

Playing tier1 levelling barb with my son. Go into a dungeon and his rogue strolls through killing mobs in a fraction of the time it takes me.

If we path down separate halls he comes back around to mine after clearing his and I am lucky to be 1/2 way.

Tooltip recommends Tier1 for new players or those with no exp with Diablo. I have played Barbarian since Diablo I and Warrior in World of Warcraft because it is what I like. Nothing to do with Meta builds etc.

It is pretty sad I get punished for playing the class I like. I have decided to not group with my son until the class is viable, as it’s depressing to see the difference in game.


The only way I can think of that this would be intended, is that you are left running after popping war cry as often as you can, so your son who is doing the actual dps does a bit more.

Blizzard seems dead locked on making barbs a zdps support-class. This was functional in D3 since it only took you an hour or two to boost and gear a new character. But who wants to spend 50-60 hours levelling a support char?

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It depends on what you do with your barbarian really. The build you can make and what you’re running.
The build I use is very fast and consistent. Faster than any of what my friends play on the other classes, rogue too. I don’t use shouts or the usual big hit builds.
I lunge with incredible attack speed, dual-wield swords, perma-berserk, leap and whirl/double slice through everything with 50/100 crit chance. It’s a ton of fun, but it can’t really run super high stuff sadly.

What level are you at the moment?
Some classes are slow going at first, some builds are doable earlier than others.

level 40. I know there are stretches in levelling that are slow, I experienced this when I levelled my Barbarian in eternal. But it is much worse this time around.


I hope you find something that works for you :slight_smile:
I’ve not had a look at my muscle mommy since the start of the season though, otherwise I may have had proper suggestions.

What carried me early on was slotting basic skill damage in everything and have the 40 fury on leap, and just try to get speed. I used brawling skills to berserk and I think I got the aspect that gives constant fury while berserk pretty early.

With enemies having double the HP though, it think there’s just a bit too much of a threshold to get over early for the barbarian. It may be quick when soloing, but having to make twice the effort can be debilitating on resources early on.
Outside of a few choice late game builds, the barbarian seems to have a pretty low ceiling, even if it does really well under that.

Maybe there will be something to help a bit in 1.1.1.
I suspect that’s a few weeks off though.

Nerfs are instant, buffs are T.B.A… thats blizzard for ya…

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I’d rather they fix broken stuff right away than wait, and it’s often an easier and smaller thing to do than figuring out balance and complex bugs. It’s not super interesting one-shotting world bosses or breezing through the highest content for no reason.
If people have a need to win or feel big in a game like this, then I personally think they could benefit from therapy or coaching…

It seems like you’re implying that the game isn’t inherently flawed, but that the success largely depends on the player’s understanding of class-specific strategies, gear choices, and build optimization.

For instance, as a Whirlwind Barbarian, you emphasized the importance of having resource reduction on every possible gear slot and critical hit chance (crit) as key to making your build work. You also highlighted the necessity of a legendary ring effect that generates Fury, which is crucial for maintaining the viability of your build.

I’ve successfully progressed through the game with my Barbarian, advancing from Tier 3 when I was level 44 to Tier 4 when I hit level 60. Currently, I’m at level 73 and I’m capable of swiftly defeating enemies that are 20 levels above me, typically within a timeframe of 2 to 4 seconds.

This certainly illustrates that with the right gear and build, the game is manageable and even enjoyable. However, this might not be the case for every player. Not all players may have the knowledge or patience to find and apply the optimal strategies and gear for their class. And even with the right setup, some players might still find certain game mechanics, like the leveling system, to be lacking or flawed.

The issue at hand could therefore be more about making the game accessible and enjoyable for all types of players, and less about whether it’s possible to perform well under the current system.

That is the whole point. It’s to show your son that masculine manliness= bad

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what is your build please, it sounds fun?