PS5 Resetting ALL Game Settings! Diablo 4

Every time I start Diablo 4 the game makes me go through the entire setup dialog. I have to disable the screen reader, adjust brightness, and watch the beginning game trailer.

Is anyone having this issue?? How can I make it stop??


100% been doing it since update yesterday. Happening to all my buddies that play on ps5. Oddly this is the first traffic ive seen on it…

This has been happening to me as well since the update! Very annoying.

Same problem on my ps5 here!

Same exact problem (PS5).

I have exactly the same issue and its beginning to frustrate (excuse the pun) “the hell” out of me!

I am on Playstation 5 and since the new patch every time I login I have to renew my all settings over and over. Please fix this as it a real pain the time it takes.
Despite saving it over and over with speech first then volume then Season 3 intro just fix it

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