Remove Micro from Microtransaction

At this point these are just bank transfers. can buy a full meal for a shitty skin, who thought it was okay?
Like overwatch 1 was 1 and 2/3 of a skin. How does this work uh?

Btw i have uninstalled a long time ago but i’m still baffled by this company becoming so out of touch


Nothing micro about a £25 skin.


its micro to bobby boy lol


Spare change buddy! spare change!

In my opinion is too expensive, but i saw some ppl with skins so i guess i am too poor.


I think the word has evolved from meaning small purchases to just being a term for selling digital goods in a game.

It doesn’t make any sense changing it now because everyone on the planet knows what a microtransaction means, even though it has gone from 1 dollars to 25.

Whilst Blizzard may be targeting the whales who can afford these prices, I’m sure that, sadly, there will be many players who, between them and their family, can’t afford these kinds of costs but, nevertheless, they can’t help themselves - perhaps like gambling addicts.

I know that it’s not a game company’s responsibility to help people to live their lives, but this kind of expensive temptation is sad, really sad.

Let me guess, it probably took an intern designer no more than a day to make a skin that will sell for thousands across many players - perhaps many of whom, lacking self control, will wonder what the hell they wasted their money on when they come to their senses.

Come on Blizzard, how much do you have to milk everyone?


Probably diablo immortal did show them a really good market statistic>how many skins would be sold.How much cost to make skin>its really the easiest money to make for this company. They don’t care about premium prices.For sure for holidays they will push 50% off. So you can afford this. Remember this company want to make money. Entertainment is a second on list.

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I agree and yet when I first started playing Blizzard games back in the day, I felt they care about their players and out quality over profit - or at least they made the illusion that they cared.

This iteration of Blizzard is about money, pure and simple, and they don’t hide it either.

They are really turning me against supporting them with their current principles, or lack of them.


Your talking about a company thats still charging £19 for a faction change on WoW, an automated service with near zero manual labour, what do we expect. Theyre really asking for regulations to be passed in courts soon as theyre out of control. You look at how Riot does micro transactions, then how Blizzard does it. it’s an actual scandal that needs yo be reigned in.


The prices for things in the game are completely ludicrous, even the skins I do like I just scoff and completely turn away because of the prices they’re set to. They’re out of their minds, the game isn’t even fun at the moment and they have the cheek to charge prices that are just completely silly

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Remove in game shop from fully priced game with paid expansions. As a middle ground I would say that 10$ battlepass with cosmetics can stay, but even that should not exist in fully priced game with paid expansion every year or so. You either go F2P with microtransactions or full price without. I don’t care about your greed, won’t support that, and wont buy anything more from Blizzard.


Thanks for reviving this old post. even more relevant now that they are talking about an expension for an unfinished game that has a battle pass and an absolute joke of a store …

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Im playing blizzard games from d1.
And you know what ?
I did read those whining on forums allready 1000500 times !
When MCore in wow classic was lagging after mass raids invasion, then i did read same shit on D3 realease…

But you keep doing it. Keep whining… Its fun to read.


you answered the wrong post i think, i’m talking about ingame shop .
None of this in wow vanilla or d3 at launch.

Micro Transaction stuff is actually mad.

I actualy did stop playing POE because of this. not because i hate microtransiactions etc.
just because they cost way too much and there are tons of people who think that 20-40 euro for skin is completly okay. Those people actually dont even buy anything, they live off other people wallets. other people buy stuff and they play for free and are completly happy about it.


I stopped playing POE because i just got bored at some point, i felt like there is not much i really need todo so i tought i could play around with cometics and make a themed hero for fun, just chill down from grind. I actually even had Blizzard inspired fanatasy at this point. I wanted to make my char be like a protoss zealot but in path of exile. Make it look like one and have skills etc. Built around that fantasy not around how good it is and just mess around with it. but…

Its going to cost hundreds of euros to just get some sort of theme on a character, skins, portals, hideout etc.

If they had cosmetic costs around 3-5 EUR i think iw ould be still playing and i would been spending thousands in years but for them its better to find those big wallet guys in same state that i was. Make them spend thousands in days.

I was told that their profit analytics clearly say that, higher prices bring more profit and it could be right. But i dont think that this is healthy relationship with customers.

I would say if 20% of players buy 25EUR cosmetics once in a while its okay for them because they would need 200% of player base buying to reach same money.
So it makes sense… yea.

however i dont think that they count in that playerbase is constanly changing and playerbas could be 5000% lower because of high cost.

On top of that its just mental to think that you have to spend 25EUR on item that cost 0 money to replicate and exists only in virtual world.

theres like tons of invisible stuff behind having all cosmetics behind paywall… its not pay to win but it takes away tons of play hours by nature and if its high cost it takes thos hours away even more. Data aint showing this… is it?

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